Sharp Solutions Counseling:
Managing Life's Transitions

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<h2>Our Philosophy</h2>

Our Philosophy


Life is full of never ending to-do lists and unexpected challenges thrown our way. We believe that therapy is a unique place to take a breath and a step back to figure out the direction to go. Life is a journey with both highs and lows.

    At Sharp Counseling we focus on helping individuals work through the transitions (both highs and lows) that are thrown our way.

Transitions may look like the transition through teenage years, emerging adults, motherhood, fatherhood, divorce, grief, and seniors. We believe that everyone can improve their lives and enjoy helping others identify the changes needed to better themselves. We meet clients where they are at. We work collaboratively to come up with goals and work towards them to manage life’s transitions.

Christie Ochoa, LCSW, PEL





“Christie’s ability to lead with empathy and kindness helps form a bond of trust that has helped me start my road to healing” – anonymous


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